REVEALED: The identity of Sakshi's kidnapper in Colors' Bepannaah!

Any guesses who it is?

Colors' Bepannaah is only two days into its leap and the makers have induced some high intensity drama already - Sakshi's kidnapping.

While on one side, Zoya (Jennifer Winget) gets the Young Achievers' Award and dedicates it to her family and Aditya (Harshad Chopda), the latter is away on a sabbatical from everybody in Paris and trying to reinvent himself.

And amidst all this drama, Sakshi, who is assumed to have gone to the U.S. by everybody, is in fact kidnapped by some lady, with a really strong vendetta against her. The lady is seen taunting her time and again and also seems to know of Sakshi's close bond with Adi and even resents it.

The kidnapper manages to mislead Arjun (Shehzad Shaikh) when he calls Sakshi.

And, the kidnapper is none other than Anjana (Parineeta Borthakur). It can be concluded that Sakshi is the culprit for Anjana and she blames her for Adi deserting his family.

As it is, Anjana's hatred for Sakshi is not hidden as she blames Pooja for ruining Adi's life by cheating on him. Later on, Aditya leaves the family and goes to Paris to take a break and figure out his life and does not care to stay in touch with his family, which angers and worries Anjana even more.

So, it can be believed that Anjana does feel justified, kidnapping Sakshi and torturing her.

Well, on the other hand, Arjun and Zoya will hatch a plan to get Aditya to come out of hiding and soon he will. Will he sense that something is amiss with Sakshi and try to find her? What is the real reason for Anjana to have kidnapped Sakshi?

REVEALED: The identity of Sakshi's kidnapper in Colors' Bepannaah!
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