BDM’s For Seniors User Guides – July 2018-P2P

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Are you tired of asking your children or grandchildren for help when using your computer, smartphone or tablet? Do you wish you could browse or shop on the internet, send and receive emails without any concerns regarding virus, hackers or identity theft? Do some of your device’s bun-dled apps lie unused, simply because you don’t know what to do with them? If so, help is at hand. BDM’s For Seniors app brings you easy-to-use guides and tutorials for all key hardware and software, showing you how to master every-thing from your iPhone to your Windows 10 laptop with confidence and no fear.
Easy-to-follow guides written in plain jargon free English with older readers being the key focus.
Learn how to approach your technology with a new sense of confidence and understanding.
Covering all of the most popular consumer technology from iPads to Windows and macOS.
From one of the leading publishers of the best selling For Sen-iors bookazines, you can now carry BDM’s essential guides For Seniors with you at all times! Just install this free app and choose the user guides you want to read to start on your path to mastering your favourite technology and building your confi-dence so you achieve just that.

BDM’s For Seniors User Guides – July 2018-P2P
English | 164 pages | True PDF | 111.9 MB

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BDM’s For Seniors User Guides – July 2018-P2P
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