Goodhertz 3.3.0 x64 Plugins Bundle-P2P

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P2P group has released the newest build of “Goodhertz” for Windows. Enjoy

Description: Goodhertz is an audio software company, founded in early 2014. We are based in Southern California and have offices in Vermont and Seoul. We believe audio plugins should sound amazing, be easy to use, and expand what’s possible with audio.


Conjure speakers
Vulf Compressor
Tone Control
Trem Control
Faraday Limiter
Good Dither
Midside Matrix
Wow Control
Release Names: Goodhertz 3.3.0 x64 Plugins Bundle-P2P
Size:  48.1 MB
Links: Homepage – NFO – NTi

Download : Uploadocean

more at

Goodhertz 3.3.0 x64 Plugins Bundle-P2P
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